Complete Essentials

  • Branding Research, Consultation, and Marketing Strategy
  • Full Branding Design, including mini manual for consistent, beautiful logo treaments
  • Business Card Design, Postcard/Printed Design
  • Fully responsive WordPress Website Design
  • Head Start on Search Engine Optimization, including Google Local Business Listings
  • Facebook page customization support

Single Treatment

  • Fully responsive WordPress Website Design
  • Head Start on Search Engine Optimization, including Google Local Business Listings
  • Facebook page customization support

Make it Un-Boring

  • Use given content to create clean, clear report and publication design
  • Printer-Ready files with no fuss
  • Electronic-ready version for quick and easy download/email distribution

Random Work

  • If your needs don’t follow the categories to the left, I can still help! Just contact me with your needs and I can provide a custom quote This includes:
  • Digital Advertising
  • Microsites
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media
  • Print+Packaging
  • Photography
  • Copywriting

Where do you and I start?

Let’s be professional and call it a “creative consultation”. But really, it’s where you’ll be talking, and I’ll be trying to “get” you. Because that’s when the magic happens. Your passion has a colour, shape, personality.

You’ll tell me your goals, your strategy, your target market. I’ll want to know everything there is to know about your business and competitors.

You’ll have a list of websites, logos and business cards that inspire you, and heaven help us, maybe even a Pinterest page. (Don’t get me started).

My job is to do some pixel-whispering and translate all that into your brand and everything your business will ultimately represent.

“Brand” is a soul-less way of saying the design, symbol, colour and feel that distinguishes your product from those of everyone else. It’s part science, part design, part intuition.

Then I put in the hours, we talk some more, I come up with options, and we make your vision come alive. Snap!

If you have a burning desire to know even more, head on over to my blog for a post about How to work with a graphic designer.

Why Amanda DeVries?

  • Timeliness: I stick to deadlines like butter on toast.

  • Technically Savvy: Being formerly trained as a engineer means I know all about project management, budget restrictions, and technical mumbo jumbo
  • You’ll love it: It pains me to hear “Oh, that’s good”. What I’m striving for is “Wow, this was more amazing than I thought it would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

WordPress Website Design and Development

You need a custom design that speaks to your audience with equal parts wit and winsomeness. I am that designer.

Branding/Visual Identity Design

I can give you everything you need to make your business’ face stand out from the crowd. A gorgeous new logo, or just some logo-lipstick.

Publications, Reports, Brochures

You might be happy with your brand, but you need to present it handsomely on some packaging / labelling, in an annual report, banner, or anything else. I can whip the whole package up for you and then help you wade through specifications (I was an engineer, remember?), printer requirements and industry lingo.