Collins & Co.: Local carpentry logo

“Awesome, you nailed it!! 🙂 … We are super happy”  – Katie S., co-owner, Collins & […]

Local Organic Catering Logo

“… our new logo and branding design is done and we couldn’t be happier with […]

Kitchen Brochure

“Always love what you do.” – Sebastien Malherbe, Owner, Granstone.


For a high-end countertop company […]

Little Pigeon – Retail Logo

Indie CD Cover and Label

CD Cover and Label for local artist

Retail website: Blackbird Shop

Bold and colourful: website for a great little shop located in historic Almonte, Ontario:

Ottawa Restaurant redesign

Revamped and Refreshed WordPress Website

Printed Flyer

Menu Screen at Location

Magazine Advertisement Design

Logo and Luxury Magazine Advertisement Design

Blue Celery Baby Sling – Packaging Design