As a maker, you love working with your hands to creative something of substance. You work directly with raw materials, so perhaps dealing with computers leaves you a little nervous.

As a graphic designer, I am building things as well, and they need to reflect your vision, your style, and your work ethic.

We’ll start with a friendly chat, maybe some ideas you already have, and a cup of coffee. Usually with enough clues in the general right direction (including getting to know you, your target audience, and your product better), I’ll figure out the style, colour, and aesthetic your brand is begging to be made of, and the website experience your clients will love.

Kitchen Brochure

"Always love what you do." - Sebastien Malherbe, Owner, Granstone.   For a high-end countertop company based in Ottawa

Little Pigeon – Retail Logo

Indie CD Cover and Label

CD Cover and Label for local artist

Retail website: Blackbird Shop

Bold and colourful: website for a great little shop located in historic Almonte, Ontario:

Ottawa Restaurant redesign

Revamped and Refreshed Wordpress Website Printed Flyer Menu Screen at Location

Magazine Advertisement Design

Logo and Luxury Magazine Advertisement Design