What’s a CTA? And why bother?


When sitting down with a potential website designer you may find your head spinning a little as they throw out terms like “SEO”, “CMS” and “CTA”. Today I’ll touch on “CTA” (although you can always contact me for further info on those other troublesome terms). CTA stands for “Call To [...]

What’s a CTA? And why bother?2018-06-18T22:17:28+00:00

The mass market is no longer important


Do you still cater to the mass market? i.e. the hundreds if not thousands of people out there who are all constantly bombarded by mass media on their TVs, their daily drive, and even their phones? It’s time to stop worrying about them and spending your precious marketing dollars in [...]

The mass market is no longer important2018-06-18T22:15:34+00:00

Companies who rock Twitter


In last month’s column, I gave you a gentle nudge toward trying your hand at Twitter if you haven’t done so yet. On the flip side, there are companies out there who have got very comfortable with the medium and add a nice dose of humour to our day. One [...]

Companies who rock Twitter2018-06-18T22:14:35+00:00

The M-Word


Money is the source of everything in a business, and ultimately determines many of the decisions we make, from pricing to expenses to marketing decisions. And since this issue is focussing on investing and RRSPs, I thought I would look at finances from an online perspective. The internet has revolutionized [...]

The M-Word2018-06-18T22:11:50+00:00