Keys to a Successful Small Business


In fifteen+ years of operating my own business, I have learned SO MUCH in areas that I would never have anticipated having to know anything about. It would have been so helpful to have gone into this line of work with some insight, so that I could avoid making some [...]

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Google Ads: A primer part two


In last month’s column, we discussed the best practices in composing a Google Ads (formerly Adwords). Now what? There are a few more steps in the process. If you don’t already have a Google Ads account you’ll need to set that up now. When you go to the first page [...]

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Google Adwords: A primer part one


You wouldn’t be alone in admitting you haven’t played the Google Adwords game yet. Although you are familiar with those sponsored ads that appear everywhere, from the right side of your search feed to the top of your Gmail inbox, it can be intimidating for a small business owner to [...]

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Online Marketing is like planting a seed


You probably keep hearing about the “overnight” successes that some companies have found online. Like any story where’s there a free lunch, it turns out the truth is often much different than what you hear. In reality, gaining a strong online presence takes a fair amount of patience and only [...]

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Industry disruption


There are some sales processes which you can assume might just last forever. But now thanks to the internet, many of these “given” ways of doing business are being up-ended, possibly forever. One great example of this is mattress shopping. It’s an awful experience. You walk into a store, and [...]

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What keeps you up at night?


When I started writing this column, my original idea was to present small, actionable ideas for the small business owner in St. Thomas and the surrounding community. The world is moving so quickly it can be hard to keep pace with technology and the apps and online conveniences that are [...]

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Features versus Benefits: a big difference


A typical small business venture starts like this: Julie is a talented artist. She discovers she has a real love of working with metal and semi-precious stones and fashioning original ideas into jewellery. Her friends and family are so impressed with this talent that they ask her to make custom [...]

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Ringing in the new


Have you made your new year business resolutions yet? If not, and you aren’t sure what that means for you, here’s a potential checklist that you can tackle during time you set aside for marketing efforts: Revisit your website SEO (search engine optimization). Does your website copy contain words that [...]

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The new Oprah


A few month’s back, a client of mine brought my attention to the online celebrity that is Maria Forleo: Her mission is to help entrepreneurs on their online journey to success. She offers plenty of free content, as well as paid online training to help guide things like the [...]

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Disappearing content? Why bother?


Back in August 2016, Instagram was a very strong platform for businesses, but there was one trend that its owners noticed: given that the platform is so dependent on visuals, the pressure on users to only post perfect content was very high. This need for the absolutely perfect composition, lighting, [...]

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Instagram for business


Perhaps you are already using Facebook for your business and happily find you get a good deal of exposure and are able to increase brand awareness for your company fairly easily through posts, videos, and maybe even Facebook stories or live video. People walk into your store or visit your [...]

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Women in Business


The Numbers Are In: Economies Grow When We Bet on Women  Canadians are most active women entrepreneurs in the world  Female Entrepreneurship Is on the Rise As Entrepreneurship Thrives, Women Are Starting More Innovative Businesses Than Men These are the headlines from the last year that came up when I [...]

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The Psychology of Colour and Your Brand


These are serious considerations when choosing your brand colour palette. Your professional duty is to your brand and company growth, and so your company colours should be chosen not by your favourite niece, or your artistic grandson, but rather by careful study of colour psychology and how it relates to [...]

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