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What’s a CTA? And why bother?

When sitting down with a potential website designer you may find your head spinning a little as they throw out terms like “SEO”, “CMS” and “CTA”. Today I’ll touch on “CTA” (although you can always contact me for further info on those other troublesome terms). CTA stands for “Call To [...]

What’s a CTA? And why bother? 2018-06-18T22:17:28+00:00

The mass market is no longer important

Do you still cater to the mass market? i.e. the hundreds if not thousands of people out there who are all constantly bombarded by mass media on their TVs, their daily drive, and even their phones? It’s time to stop worrying about them and spending your precious marketing dollars in [...]

The mass market is no longer important 2018-06-18T22:15:34+00:00

Companies who rock Twitter

In last month’s column, I gave you a gentle nudge toward trying your hand at Twitter if you haven’t done so yet. On the flip side, there are companies out there who have got very comfortable with the medium and add a nice dose of humour to our day. One [...]

Companies who rock Twitter 2018-06-18T22:14:35+00:00

The M-Word

Money is the source of everything in a business, and ultimately determines many of the decisions we make, from pricing to expenses to marketing decisions. And since this issue is focussing on investing and RRSPs, I thought I would look at finances from an online perspective. The internet has revolutionized [...]

The M-Word 2018-06-18T22:11:50+00:00

Demystifying hashtags

For those of you knowing that you should have jumped on the social media bandwagon long ago, but felt too intimidated to do so,  I suspect one of the main reasons for your trepidation was that strangely ubiquitous symbol “#”. What’s it for, anyway? Why use it at all? To [...]

Demystifying hashtags 2018-03-14T17:00:40+00:00

Bathroom Renovator: Full Suite Branding and Marketing

New business launch for talented and creative professionals here to create the bathroom of your dreams! And now they have consistent branding pieces to clarify that promise to their clients, which helped them to book projects several months out!  

Bathroom Renovator: Full Suite Branding and Marketing 2018-07-13T13:54:04+00:00

Custom Home Builders and Property Development Rebranding

An established, well-recognized brand was given a colour and treatment update. The overall look was then applied to all printed materials, signage, and a comprehensive yet attractive site was created to showcase the company's myriad of talents.

Custom Home Builders and Property Development Rebranding 2018-06-09T17:01:35+00:00

People to follow

As a creative professional who also self-markets, I need to keep up on the latest and greatest in a variety of sectors in order to stay on top of the game. Continual learning and development is important to keep my skills honed as the market is ever-changing. One of the [...]

People to follow 2018-06-09T17:01:35+00:00

All media is now optional

In the past, if you wanted to engage in some marketing, you’d take out a full page ad in the paper, or perhaps produce a television commercial, or maybe get a radio spot. Maybe you’d even do all 3, spending thousands of dollars along the way. The great thing about [...]

All media is now optional 2018-06-09T17:01:35+00:00

Full Suite Branding for Personal Coach

A talented speaker, motivator, and coach, Louise Reid has finally decided to take the reins herself and run her own consulting company. She needed an upscale, elegant brand to match the company's vision and target market. Branding, Stationery, Social Media pieces, Squarespace website: Done!

Full Suite Branding for Personal Coach 2018-06-09T17:01:36+00:00

5 things you can do to get you started on Twitter

Following on the heels of my first article in this column, I want to go straight into some practical tips that you can use in your business, like starting today. Most people unfamiliar with Twitter shudder when I mention it. It’s a scary thing; the little tweet button that, once [...]

5 things you can do to get you started on Twitter 2018-06-09T17:01:36+00:00


Running your own business means learning as you go. To that end, I’ve read many books, on varied topics, from self-marketing to design inspiration to colour theory. Some of the most memorable books I’ve read have been written by women. I’ve selected three favourites below and I hope this might [...]

#girlboss 2018-06-09T17:01:36+00:00

The Connection Economy is changing how we do business

You may have looked around you and thought: how has so-and-so managed to get their business up and running so quickly? Why do they have customers lining up outside their doors? They don’t have a radio spot, they don’t have a two-page spread in the yellow pages, and I have [...]

The Connection Economy is changing how we do business 2018-06-09T17:01:36+00:00

Online resources are yours for the using

Back in 2005 in Ottawa when I launched my graphic design career, I started the usual way: building a portfolio piece by piece by getting work from friends or close colleagues. This makes perfect sense for a novice starting out: you don’t yet have a strong portfolio or network, and [...]

Online resources are yours for the using 2018-06-09T17:01:36+00:00