Youth Workforce Marketing Campaign

I was asked by the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo-Wellington-Dufferin to create marketing materials surrounding a problem felt by many similar regions: to educate youth that entry-level positions are a great stepping stone toward fulfilling career paths, even if that job doesn't directly use skills that will be ultimately required. [...]

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Full Suite Branding for Personal Coach

A talented speaker, motivator, and coach, Louise Reid has finally decided to take the reins herself and run her own consulting company. She needed an upscale, elegant brand to match the company's vision and target market. Branding, Stationery, Social Media pieces, Squarespace website: Done!

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Comprehensive Healthcare Website Design

Multi-level, complex healthcare site made clear and highly navigable. Advanced SEO techniques employed to keep the site at the top of Google pages. Google Review: Amanda DeVries Graphic Design 5 stars - "Amanda was a pleasure to work with." Leslie Sole She was not only diligent, completing the website [...]

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University Health Report with infographics

20 page report complete with infographics and photos. Adhered to Brescia University College's brand standards. "Thank you for making our work shine ...we’ve already been raving to other colleagues about working with you and are very happy to share your card and pass it around Brescia—we know there are quite a [...]

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