St. Thomas Transit


With an eye to the growing population of St. Thomas, the city planned a 2020 expansion of its transit services. With the longer service hours and new amenities, a new brand was also planned to increase visibility and pride in the new system. A key requirement was to have the brand be closely aligned to the recently upgraded city logo.

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Youth Workforce Marketing Campaign


I was asked by the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo-Wellington-Dufferin to create marketing materials surrounding a problem felt by many similar regions: to educate youth that entry-level positions are a great stepping stone toward fulfilling career paths, even if that job doesn't directly use skills that will be ultimately required. [...]

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Full Suite Branding for South Coast Advisory Solutions


Senior Management Consultant Trish Fournier was looking for a complete set of materials to sell her integrated consulting services. Taking advantage of the regional pride in being on the shores of Lake Erie, we created a modern, striking aesthetic that carried well into both the print and digital realms.

Full Suite Branding for South Coast Advisory Solutions2021-01-05T18:24:23+00:00

Bathroom Renovator: Full Suite Branding and Marketing


New business launch for talented and creative professionals here to create the bathroom of your dreams! And now they have consistent branding pieces to clarify that promise to their clients, which helped them to book projects several months out!  

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Farm Logo & Web Refresh + Marketing Materials


A family-run farm near St. Catharines, Ontario recognized the opportunity to stand out from the local scene of sustainable farming with a strong brand and updated website. Seasonal flyers and a stamp for their packaging help to round out the materials.

Farm Logo & Web Refresh + Marketing Materials2021-01-19T13:46:03+00:00

Custom Home Builders and Property Development Rebranding


An established, well-recognized brand was given a colour and treatment update. The overall look was then applied to all printed materials, signage, and a comprehensive yet attractive site was created to showcase the company's myriad of talents.

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