Have you made your new year business resolutions yet?

If not, and you aren’t sure what that means for you, here’s a potential checklist that you can tackle during time you set aside for marketing efforts:

  1. Revisit your website SEO (search engine optimization). Does your website copy contain words that people actually type in search engines to find your product/service? For instance, if you sell automobile tires, does your home page say the words “St. Thomas”, “automobile” and “tires”, ideally more than once? Is it in your site title and meta description? If you are using images as text (which shockingly seems to still be a thing on some websites) remember that a web robot (i.e. scripts that crawl your site to categorize and rank it) can’t tell what an image depicts, so you should either replace that image with actual text or at least use an “alt” tag to describe the image. This also helps with accessibility for people with physical disabilities.
  2. Do you have Google Analytics installed on your site? If not, how do you know which pages people tend to visit and which ones make them leave your site? How do you know which social media platforms and marketing campaigns bring traffic to your site?
  3. Have you claimed your business listing on Google Maps? If you do, you can then post operating hours, photos and more that helps people find your business quickly, which is particularly helpful on their mobile devices. You can also respond to reviews (positive or negative!), which is crucial to upholding the trust factor of your brand.
  4. If you struggle to create social media content regularly, set up a weekly schedule for the next 3 months. Leave it flexible enough so that you can create spontaneous posts when something noteworthy happens, but keep enough content handy for those days when it’s tough to find material to write about. Remember the 1/3rd rule: 1/3 of your posts should be promoting your product or services, 1/3 should be interacting with others, and 1/3 sharing industry news and tips you believe your followers could benefit from. 
  5. Catch up on some reading! Seth Godin just released another book, this one is called This is Marketing. Seth always has something you can learn from!
  6. Consider stretching your local network by joining a business organization such as the Chamber of Commerce. Face-to-face relationships with prospects and current clients cannot be discounted. We are still human who value real connections, after all!

That should keep you and your team busy for the next little while. Remember – these activities are all extremely low-cost compared to advertising as we used to think of it, but they require time and patience. Start small and build on it!

Happy marketing!