A few month’s back, a client of mine brought my attention to the online celebrity that is Maria Forleo: www.marieforleo.com

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs on their online journey to success. She offers plenty of free content, as well as paid online training to help guide things like the copywriting on your website, or how to concretely articulate what it is you define as success. She also has a signature program called B-School, and you can read hundreds of testimonials of people who have seen jaw-dropping growth in their business once they decided to commit. I’m a big sceptic of claims like these, and so was startled to find one day that the founder of a beautiful Canadian publication I subscribe to, Uppercase Magazine, was an alumni of Maria’s program. She even shared her actual business growth over time in one of her newsletters and couldn’t say enough good things about what Maria’s program taught her about marketing, pricing, and finding her tribe.

Maria TV is a great weekly dose of business success inspiration, and a good thing to watch while you eat lunch (if you have time for that sort of thing, ha!) Last week she had my hero, Seth Godin on, and I took a screenshot of something he says in his latest book “This is Marketing” that I am always urging my clients to define for themselves. See the accompanying image.

I call Maria the new Oprah because you feel like she is a genuine cheerleader for people, particularly for those who decide to strike out their own path and control their destiny. Starting from absolute zero herself, she completely empathizes with those among us who are willing to put in the work to make something out of nothing. As a larger than life personality, you feel as if she is reaching out of the screen and sitting with you on your living room couch.

Of course, there are many “snake oil” salesman online of who you should be wary. There are hundreds of people promising you wildly successful businesses, six-figure incomes from the comfort of your home and a career that gives you the perfect work-life balance. So I suggest you start small. Watch Maria TV and read whatever free content she gives out (usually via her newletters). If you feel she is resonating with how you feel, you may want to delve deeper. Then again, she might not suit your personality and her voice might grate on you. Either way, it’s pretty low commitment and yet she is definitely one of the higher quality “online coaches” out there.

So if you are struggling to find a coach, virtual or otherwise, who says the right thing at the right time and gives you a set of tools to help you along the way, Maria Forleo might be a great person to consider.